eBook: Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net

Matthew Skelton and I have co-authored a short eBook focussing on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net.  This eBook is available for free from O’Reilly.cdwithwindows-cover

It contains some empirical advice around the practice of Continuous Delivery, an overview of tooling suitable for use in a Windows/.net environment and case studies from a variety of companies employing many of the techniques.  Take a look at the full Table of Contents on the book’s microsite.

Matthew and I spoke at the London Continuous Delivery meetup group on 23rd February 2016, using some case studies from the book and some person experience to show how Continuous Delivery is very much possible in 2016 and beyond.




Download the book for free and let us know if you have any feedback – we’d really appreciate it.

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