Leap Motion

The Leap Motion seems to be a rather cool idea.  It’s a highly sensitive, touch-free, gesture based interface reminiscent of futuristic computer and internet depictions in movies like Johnny Mnemonic and Minority Report.

My initial thoughts were that this would be an exhausting way to interact with a PC, but then I realised that I was being hampered by my own expectations of computer use (e.g. programming).  Next, I thought of how it could be used for giving presentations, all that swishing would definitely be impressive.  Then I realised that it could open up a whole new genre of computer games.  We’ve already got Kinect, but it’s not particularly sensitive and is aimed at using your whole body.  This would allow for finer detail – maybe some thing like a computer version of the classic Operation game.
I’ve signed up for the free Developer SDK and if I get it I may indeed try to make an Operation clone.

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