Quick Gr1d F# Tips

Just made the following quick post on the Gr1d Forum of using F#with the game, in particular setting the CLSCompliant attribute and signing/strong-naming the assembly

Just a quick tip for anyone else thinking of using F# with Gr1d.

It’s not obvious where to stick the CLSCompliant Attribute and Google wasn’t a great help.  I eventually found this post which shows that you need to explicitly create and ‘assmeblyInfo.fs’ file and add the attribute there. Also, signing/strong-naming isn’t built into the properties window of the project like it is in C#.  As described in this post, you need to add a command to the ‘Other Flags’ textbox on the ‘Build’ Properties window pointing to your keyfile (which you can create from the C# properties window and just reuse with a full path), e.g.


Other than that, I’ve found the F# Survival Guide to be an excellent resource. I’m still learning the language myself, so please feel free to reply with any more tips 😀

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