I recently came to a conclusion which I’m sure most Developers have done at some point in their careers.

For the entire 5 years that I have been working as a Developer I have been using C# .Net focusing almost entirely on the web side of things. I now feel that the blinkers must come off and that I need to branch out into other development stacks to see how the rest of the world approaches the same problems.

I have come to realise that it is not the depth of knowledge in a single area, but rather a breadth of knowledge in many areas which gives a developer the skill to pick the right tool for the job and to tackle a problem as effectively as possible.

So, I intend to branch out from the .Net stack and investigate other options, starting with Ruby. As an added twist I shall also be learning on a Mac which is also new to me.

I will be documenting my journey here, including all of the beginner mistakes, and any comments or assistance will be greatly received.